These tabular, emerald green crystals are well crystallized and are from one of the world’s top crystal producing localities for uranium mineral specimens.

The mineral blightburn is the deadliest radioactive substance in the Darklands. The green-glowing crystal burns anyone who touches it, dealing 2d6 points of fire damage per round of contact, and its radiation causes blightburn sickness. The substance also limits teleportation. Anyone casting a teleportation spell in or teleporting to a cavern with blight burn in its walls must succeed at a DC 30 caster level check.

Blightburn Sickness
Type disease
contact (see text) • Save Fortitude DC 22 • Frequency 1/dayEffect • 1d6 Con damage and 1d6 Cha damage • contact is automatic when a creature comes within a 60-foot radius, and can be blocked only by lead sheeting, 1 foot of stone, or a force effect
Cure 2 consecutive saves

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METATORBERNITE -- a Uranium crystal, and Tobernite; are the only crystals that fit the description of Blightburn.[1]

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Collecting Uranium 101 The Basics

Collecting Uranium 101 The Basics

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