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An inhabitant of the Blessed Isles with a child. Celtic portrait by Pietro Pensa.

The Blessed Isles is a group of islands to the far north that is blessed with a moderate climate. The Blessed Isles are a collection of Islands that are big enough for large settlements.  There is also deposits of tin, iron, chalk, and other metals.  There are also wild animals in the Blessed Isles.

The people who occupy the lands are white skinned and have long faces and the men typically wear moustaches in the style of the noble Aryavartans.  They drive chariots and they are skilled iron smiths.  Their kings are known to be wise, and the people of these isles are split into tribes and have strange ways of worship.  They worship their gods through a form of devotion called druidism.


(1) A History of Celtic Britain - Age of Iron - BBC

(1) A History of Celtic Britain - Age of Iron - BBC

Celtic Britian - Age of Iron

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