The Mediterranean from Israel, the Great Sea by Phaeselis is like the Mediterranean (credit: e.shwartz).

What is beneath the waves of the Sea might not really affect an Urban Campaign.  Or maybe it does.  Every once in a while, Sahaugin ventures forth from the sea to do a raid, and they return just as quickly.  This often creates a problem for those who live by the sea.  However, reports of mermaids saving sailors are often reported.  Often said to be myths, or revered as nereids -- or sea nymphs -- the revered daughters of Poseidon and Amphitrite.  Still, it creates a mightly curious sailor.  

Many people have dived into the sea in search of pearls.  These pearl divers often learn how to get the best pearls.  They also report seeing Nereids. With so much going on, no one has dared to see what is under the waves. Until one wizard, armed with certain wizard spells, explored the deep. 


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