Flame Hair Desert Elf Color by MitchFoust

Also known as desert elves, the bedouin elves wanders the desert with nothing more than they can carry. They thrive here, not seeking to recreate Arvandor in such a wilderness. Called the Erumequendir by other elves, the bedouin elves thrive in the deepest deserts and parched tablelands. The bedouin elves herd goats and sheep, and sometimes stop to grow valuable feed crops.

Traits Edit

Desert Runner: Some elves thrive in the deepest deserts, forever roaming across burned and parched lands. Elves with this racial trait receive a +4 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves to avoid fatigue, exhaustion, or ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, or hot or cold environments. This racial trait replaces elven magic.

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