Ayahuasca cooking By Heath (cc-by-sa).

Ayahuasca (usually pronounced /aɪjəˈwæskə/ or /ˈaɪjəˈwɑːskə/), also commonly called yagé (/jɑːheɪ/), is a psychedelic brew made out of Banisteriopsis caapi vine alone or in combination with various plants.  It is either mixed with the leaves of dimethyltryptamine (DMT)-containing species of shrubs from the genus Psychotria or with the leaves of the Justicia pectoralis plant which does not contain DMT.

It has been reported that The brew's effects can be felt from consuming the caapi vine alone, but that DMT-containing plants (such as Psychotria) remain inactive when drunk as a brew without a source of monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) such as B. caapi. How indigenous peoples discovered the synergistic properties of the plants used in the ayahuasca brew remains unclear. Many indigenous Amazonian people say they received the instructions directly from plants and plant spirits.

On Lemurias, the plant comes from the land of Hesperia, and is cultivated carefully by psychonauts for use in their potions and brews using the original recipes and other plants from Hesperia.  The shamans there are unwilling to reveal how they created the Ayahuasca brews.

Game StatisticsEdit

When used as an alchemical reagent, refined Ayahuasca is often brewed along with other reagents to create new forms of the psychedelic drug.
Price 15 gp/10 drakma
weight ----

Power ComponentEdit

Doses 1 (10 drakma/15 gp); Spells Divination school
Effect +1 caster level for the purpose of duration

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