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Bruce Campbell as Autolycus (from Hercules and Xena).

Ran by Autolycus, the self styled King of Thieves, the Autolycus crime syndicate is bent on cutting the Ravana family completely out of the action in Phaeselis. The action isn't so bad that a gang war hasn't started yet, but one is brewing.

The crime syndicate has about ten percent control of the crime in the city.  Such move has earned Autolycus the enemity of the Ravana crime family.  Although not willing to start a crime war, the crime family's patriarch has ordered that Autolycus must be stopped.  Recently, though, Autolycus has gained control of Hermes' Nephews, an informal guild of thieves in the city.  Autolycus controls all the pickpockets in the city's most urbanized zones, and this makes the Ravana crime family angry.  Pretty soon, Autolycus will be able to move in and begin an underground gang war over territory in the city.  If he knows it or not, though, the action will probably lessen Ravana's power over the law in the city.

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