Basic Information
Titles The King of Thieves
Aliases Castor, Caedus, Artorius
Nicknames "Hey, Stop!"
Home Phaeselis
Former home(s) Thebes, Hellas
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Master Thief
Age 40
Patron deity Hermes
Known language(s) Hellenic
Born 30 (After Alexander) DR Was born under a new moon.
Rules Information
Class Thief
Alignment Neutral
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Rogue 20
5th Edition Statistics
Class Rogue 20
Autolycus, the King of Thieves s a master thief and a skilled fighter, he is often described as having 'a heart of gold'. He has a code that he will never kill, although he was nearly driven to break that code when he came up against the man who killed his brother. He's a great escape artist, capable of escaping 200 chain locks in less than a night.


Early LifeEdit

Autolycus never met his father Hermes. His mother died when he was very young, so he was raised by his older brother,Malacus. As an adult, Malacus was tricked out of his land by a merchant named Tarsus. Malacus protested the injustice, but Tarsus then had him murdered – a crime that was blatantly ignored by law enforcement. Autolycus avenged his brother by robbing Tarsus blind and giving the spoils to the poor. As a result, Autolycus became an outlaw, but he never forgets the good that Malacus had done for him. Autolycus also told once by a twin sister, but the name is unknown.

Career as a ThiefEdit

Career as the leader of the SyndicateEdit

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