Lemurias' solar system is located in the Galaxy in the habitable zone opposite our sun, Sol.  The star is a G2-type green-yellow star with a luminosity of 1.02.  The medium sized star had captured Lemurias and it's attendant brown dwarf star -- of class L1, transforming the brown dwarf L1 into a planet -- the Planet Chronos.

The system is Heliocentric, but exists in a region of space that is trafficked by fantastic space farers using both technology, psionics, and magic (see Dragon•Star and the Stargate RPG  for ideas).  In fact, the Lemurians are responsible for building the Dragon Gate network across the galaxy*.

~ Planets ~

  • Helios - the Sun (Fire Element World)
  • Hermes - Speedy Terrestrial Rock Ball.
  • Ananke - Second, blue terrestrial planet (Water Element World)
  • Lemurias -- Living Planet.
  • Ares -- Red terrestrial Planet
  • Zeus -- Jovian, Gas Giant (Air Element World)
  • Chronos -- Jovian, Gas Giant -- was once a Brown Dwarf star.
  • Unobserved Ice Planet
  • Unobserved Ice Planet
  • Kupier Belt. 


Lemurias is unofficially a part of the Stargate Universe.  The Lemurians did build stargates, but so did the Ancients.  The Ancients visited Lemurias, and integrated with the population of the planet and were responsible for jumpstarting the Lemurian civilization, and also building the stargates.  When the Lemurian civilization fell and the Goa'uld took over, Lemurias had become forgotten.  Earth's Stargate Command lists Lemurias as Q7R-385 in their Stargate Address index of the stargate network. Lemurias is part of the Goa'uld Zeus' empire.

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