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Aryavarta is a land of exotic cultures and even exotic people.  Named so because it was to be the abode of the Aryans, the land is home to White Europeans, white Asiatics, Mongoloids, and African-like black people.

Aryavarta has been the victim of many an invasion.  Humans (Aryans), Dark Elves, Orcs, Nagas, and Humans have all invaded Aryavarta at one time or another, and sacked many a city and enslaved many of the indigenous population.  As a result, Aryavarta is the home of a diverse culture of people who have not learned the meaning of true freedom.

Aryavarta is the origin of the Bronze Age Vedic culture, the Iron Age Hindu Culture, and the Modern Classical Hindu Culture.  It is also the home to -- Aryans, Dravidians, Mongolesh, Nagaji, Nagas, the Dark Orcs, the Dark Elves of Saviland, the White Asiatics of Druubi, and a large human mongrel population that is becoming exclusively Aryavartan.

Cultural NormsEdit

The culture of Aryavarta is shocking enough to an outsider.  Women often go topless in the hotter parts of the land as a matter of course.  They worship cows and do not eat them, vegitarianism is a cultural norm, and gold isn't used for a source of money, but a way to decorate the body.  It is also the place where cotton has been domesticated.

Aryavartan TradeEdit

Aryavarta is the source of spices, exotic cloth, and exotic dyes for the people of the Alexandrian Kingdoms.  It's also a vast place for adventure and exploring.  Many of the Hellenes immigrate from Hellas to the Helleno-Aryan Kingdoms in order to experience a different culture and a different way of life.

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