Heron of Alexandra

Heron of Alexandria.

Artificers are Alchemists that specialize in relating the magical world to the physical one on a high technical level.  Artificers work with Technology and use different extracts called Infusions. The artificer is a mechanical alchemist that still uses bombs and mutagenic substances; however they spend more of their time creating magical items and working on technological devices.

Taught in various colleges in your world (with the Great Library as the most famous in mine), Artificers learn their craft through long years of study and experimentation.  So they tend to view other artificers either as comrades in arms, or as rivals.  Humans make excellent Artificers, along with the rock gnomes.  Dragonborn and tieflings are few in the class, but fewer still are all the others.

Bonus ProficienciesEdit

When you learn to become an Artificer, you may add Engineering as a skill, and then choose two others.

Artificer KnowledgeEdit

An artificer gives up his pursuit for mutagens for the knowledge of engineering.  However, he can draw on this knowledge during times it's called for.

Craft ReserveEdit

An artificer receives a pool of points he can spend when crafting an item.  This total is identical to the 3.x version[1].  These points are used instead of any reagents or experience points represented in the Item Creation abilities.

Item CreationEdit

In addition to Brew Potion, the Artificer recieves knowledge of creating more magic items.  


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