Angels are a group of altruistic celestials native to the planes of Nirvana, Heaven, and Elysium, and represent all the multiple interpretations of goodness. They include such noble beings as planetars, solars, and astral devas, and the majority serve one of the benign deities of the Great Beyond.[1]

Description Edit

Angels are one of the oldest divine races as they were one of the first creations of the primordial deities of good. Most angels in modern times come from ascended good mortal souls rather than direct godly creation; sometimes these souls even retain aspects of their mortal forms. Regardless of their original form, all angels are beautiful; they have no fixed form as all angels are consummate shapeshifters.[1]

Ecology Edit

Though most angels are impeccable bastions of goodness and honesty, those that serve trickster gods may lie and deceive to further a good cause. The term "angel" is sometimes used as a catch-all term for any sort of good outsider, especially one like the azatas, archons, or agathions, but for the purpose of this article, the term will only refer to the following species (which are listed in order of ascending power and importance):[1]

Habitat & Society Edit

Unlike other forms of celestials, such as agathions and archons, which tend to stay on their home planes, angels have no trouble traveling wherever they feel they are needed. Many can be found watching over the River of Souls, or assaulting the forces of the Abyss whenever a portal to that fiendish realm opens.[8]


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