Alexandria Eschate
Geographical information
Type Settlement
Size Large Town
Area Bactria
Societal information
Demonym Alexandria Eschatan
Languages Koine Hellenic, Ariyan, Draonic, Qin'aese.
Races Humans (85%), Halfling (5%), Half elves (5%), Dwarves, Elves, Dragonborn, Gnomes
Religion Heathenism
Currency Drakma
Imports Wine, spices, silk, citrus fruits
Exports Copper, grain
Political information
Government Oligarchy (Syndicate)
Ruler's type Syndicate

Inhabitants of Alexandria Eschate
Locations in Alexandria Eschate
Organizations in Alexandria Eschate
Alexandria Eschate (Greek Ἀλεξάνδρεια Ἐσχάτη, Latin: Alexandria Ultima, English meaning "Alexandria the Farthest") was founded by Alexander before his campaigns in Qin'ae. It's his furthest EASTERN outpost of Hellenistic Civilization since the lands in Qin'ae were lost. Being the furthest East means away from a lot of norms. The Hellenes here are tough to be separated so far from their loved ones. The town has grown to be the gateway to the Middle Kingdom, and Vice Versa; with Samarkand being the main city of trade.

Alexandria Eschate was located around 300 km (186 mi) north of Alexandria on the Oxus in Bactria, and being inSogdian territory had to sustain numerous conflicts with the local population. After 250 BCE, the city probably remained in contact with the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom centered on Bactria, especially when the Greco-Bactrian king Euthydemus I extended his control to Sogdiana.

Gaming in Alexandria EschateEdit

A Campaign in this far off town means one thing, a blending of East and West in a very stark way. In Aryavarta, it's done in subtle ways. Here, it's stark. The Sakkae and the Massagetae (which have white faces) are heathen barbarians. There are threats from the Xephs, and the Orc and Lizardmen tribes are not the best of neighbors.

Campaigning here is definitely frontier.  The dragons are Imperial Dragons, with the occassional site of "giant lizards" (Dinosaurs).  Leaf rays are a bother, and the exotic genies and shedu create problems.  There are tigers as well as lions in the land.  And the magicians are strange and wondrous. 


DMs who run campaigns here should really up the frontier feel.  Monsters should be something no one has seen before.  Use the drakes, the Imperial Dragons, and various "exotic monsters" like Leaf Rays to great effect.  Kobolds in the area are really wild and will take offense of humans in their lands. Orcs will try to raid the city until they are beaten back, and journeys to Kashgar and Qin'ae should be adventures of themselves. 

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