Geographical information
Type Emporion
Size Small Town
Area Massalia (southern France)
Societal information
Humans 96%
Other 4%

Population 750 in 100 B.A. DR
21,126 in 50 A.A. DR
Imports Foodstuffs, cloth, liquor, luxury items
Exports Arms, armor, ships, jewelry
Political information
Government Militocracy
Ruler Leophileos I in 100 years before Alexander DR
Androphon in 50 years after Alexander DR

Inhabitants of Agathe
Locations in Agathe
Organizations in Agathe

A western colony located in the territory of Massalia, Agathe was built by the Spartans in order to trade with the elves. The elves would trade for gold, cloth, and liquors; while the Emporion exported arms, armor, and elvish jewelry. The militocracy of the town was established by it's Spartan home city. The town is becoming a metropolis thanks to the visits of the Occitanians. However, the government is becoming corrupt, however, as Rich magnates manipulate crooked military officers for favorable laws, creating an economy based off of Crony Capitalism.


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Agathe is rulled by the Spartan Military.  Although not a perfect match for Sparta's complex government, the Military controls all of the law in Agathe.  The city is ruled by a military governor or Strategos; but all the power is held within his officers who have the power to enforce his laws.  However, after many years under military rule, the Emporion's people are clamoring for reforms for a more free society.  The government is facing pressure to change, and is split into three factions.


The Laconians are the Conservative faction who is loyal to the Strategos.  However, the current Strategos is beginning to show more signs of weakness.  The second faction, the Coronians are corrupt officers who are heavily influenced by traders across the sea.  The Coronians make laws that favor the mercantilistic aspirations of the merchants and traders, and often leave the common people out.  The last faction, the Demos (or people) are becoming increasingly aware of the absolutist turn of the government. Led by a few officers who are loyal to the people first, this faction has sent diplomats to the city of Roma as an appeal for their grievences for freedom.

Others of the Demos have sent appeals to the elves of Massalia to defeat their military and make Agathe more free.  So far, the Massalian elves are considering the matter.


Notable LocationsEdit

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