Thetis Bringing Armor to Achilles by Benjamin West ca 1806
Achilles IV
Basic Information
Titles Captain
Home Phaeselis
Gender male
Race Hellene
Occupation General
Age 27
Patron deity Ares
Known language(s) Hellenic
Born 55 (After Alexander) DR
Rules Information
Alignment NG
Game Edition Pathfinder
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Fighter 9
5th Edition Statistics
Class Fighter 7

Achilles IV (mh (Danite) fighter 9, skills: Profession (soldier) 12, Acrobatics 13) is a competent military strategist and serves Strategos Lysander. The hero is always ready to take down invaders, like the gnolls or kobolds. Achilles IV is also a good fighter, and is learned in the ways of the phalanx. He uses his Phalanx effectively on the battlefield.

Achilles was born during an eclipse. Some people think this is because he doesn't have Apollo's favor, others think he always see the dark side of everything. despite that, Achilles was named after the Greek Hero.

Achilles lives it up and he lives it fast. He spends money on drinks and women, wondering if it would be his last day alive. As House patron, Achilles IV leads his house with out any problems. He is a worshiper of Ares, so he typically leads the men of his house on drills and martial art training.

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